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With a forgiving blade ideal for long snorkeling sessions--and suitable for diving - the Caravelle is an easy choice for warm water trips. The specially formulated blade material is lightweight, delivering the power of a larger fin, and its supple, anatomical foot pocket is easy to slip on and off.


Fin Care and Maintenance


XS / 4-5, S / 5-6, M / 6-7, ML / 8-9, L / 9.5-10.5, XL / 11-12

Features & Benefits

  • Specially formulated blade material is highly responsive, snapping back in each kick cycle for maximized thrust
  • Lightweight blade reduces kicking effort and is comfortable for long snorkeling sessions and warm water diving
  • Rubber side ribs channel water down the length of the fin, minimizing wasted energy from the spill-over effect
  • Supple foot pocket is anatomically shaped for all-day comfort
  • Fin blade extends below the heel to improve leverage and power transmission while reducing stress on the arch
  • Entire blade armored with a rubber border for maximum durability
  • Colors: Metallic Blue, Silver and Yellow
  • Sizes: XS, S, M, ML, L, XL


Style Full Foot
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