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Look 2
  • Price:$85.00



Clear skirt: Black/Blue/, Black/Silver

Black skirt: Black/Blue, Black/Silver. Black/Orange

Look2 Midi

Clear skirt:  Black/Blue/, Black/Pink 

Mask Care and Maintenance

Look 2 is a two-lens mask, complete with patented Cardanic Joint Buckles. It features a silicone strap with a wide headpiece. The close-to-the-cheekbones frame design guarantees an excellent view in all directions. The Look 2 boasts a low inner volume for easy clearing.

*The Look 2 supports a wide assortment of negative and positive diopter corrective lenses. A clever lens replacement system allows for rapid and easy substitution of the lenses (patent pending).

The Look 2 Midi version fits slim faces.




Skirt: Silicone LSR, clear or black

Glass: 3 mm, tempered

Strap: Silicone with enlarged headpiece

Buckles: Cardanic Joint Buckles

Weight: 185 g / 6.5 oz. (Look 2) - 180 g / 6.3 oz. (Look 2 Midi)

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