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Suunto Cobra
  • Price:$599.00
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    * PC Interface
    * High pressure quick disconnect adapter
    * SK7 Compass add-on

The Suunto Cobra is an advanced air-integrated dive computer that combines multiple features, easy use and stylish design. In addition to measuring useful information such as depth, time and temperature, the Cobra calculates the diver's decompression requirements and aids the diver in completing the dive safely. Air integration means that the Cobra also measures the tank pressure and calculates for how many minutes the diver has left with the current air consumption.

3 operating modes (Air, Nitrox, Gauge)

Reduced Gradient Bubble Model (RGBM)

Complete decompression stop data

Cylinder pressure and remaining air time

36 Hour Profile & Logbook memory

Comprehensive dive planning and simulation functions

Electroluminescent illumination lights up automatically when an alarm is activated

Automatic activation

Audible alarms

User-replaceable battery

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