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WTX6R Buoyancy Cell
  • Price:$580.00
Apeks WTX Tech BC Components

The first of it's kind. This clever, redundant buoyancy cell has both airways coming off the back top of the cell. This is the ideal location for a diver in the swimming position.

This redundant system contains two inner cells in one outer bag. Either cell is capable of generating 60 lbs of lift when it is full. Dive with peace of mind knowing that you're carrying a redundant system
The WTX6R can mate directly to the WTX harness or the stainless steel back plate using twin tank bands or using center bolts
Highly efficient drains allow water to empty quickly after a dive
Outer bag constructed out of Armorshield™ Cordura® to resist abraision and fading
Inner bags constructed from mil-spec welded fabric
A safety cable inside the elliptical hoses prevents hyperextension of the corrugated hoses
Features the Apeks technical inflator with brass buttons
The air cell closest to the diver has a pull dump on inside lower left with a capped-off port on the inside lower right for an optional right dump
The air cell furthest from the diver has a pull dump on outside lower right with a capped-off port on the outside lower left for an optional left dump

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