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WTX Tek Pockets
  • Price:$10.00 - $50.00

A full range of Tek pockets have been designed to complement the WTX range. They can be attached to your WTX system or any other BC/Wing and/or drysuit.

 • The system is modular so you can attach one pocket to the other if space is at a premium. A separate stainless steel hardware kit is available for this. 
• The large pockets are available in heavy duty hook and loop and zipper versions, allowing for easy open / close even when wearing thick gloves.
• The pockets contain internal bungee attachment points to clip your gear to. 
• Models: 
o THIGH POCKET - with large volume capacity and extra security of leg band to carry reels, spools, torches or knives. 
o LARGE CARGO POCKET- with Zip Closure and capability to fix directly to Waistband grommets, or straight over the side lobe even after Diver is kitted up. 
o SMALL POCKET - fits to the front of the Large Cargo if desired. For carrying, slate, floats, line markers or extra weights. 
o MESH POCKET – For carrying SMBs, or a redundant mask

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