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Sidemount Regulator Kit
  • Price:$1,550.00

As sidemount diving continues to grow, Apeks answers the need to deliver a kit that contains all of the necessary hardware and accessories, along with two of their award-winning XTX50 regulators, that will be convenient for the sidemount diver and save him money along the way. Everything a diver needs for a sidemount breathing system is found in this kit.

Kit contents:

2 ea. XTX50 DIN regulators with 5 port swivel turrets

  • One XTX50 has a 83” / 210cm hose
  • One XTX50 has a 24” / 60cm hose

2 ea. custom length MP inflation hoses (one for buoyancy system, one for drysuit)

2 ea. brass pressure gauges with 6 inch hoses (units in PSI)

1 ea. 90° elbow fitting

1 ea. bungee necklace

1 ea. stainless steel clip

2 sets of short exhaust ports

Regulator bag to hold all

Setup illustration, CD manual and quick start guide

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