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TEK 3 First Stages
  • Price:$875.00

The Tek 3 Regulators have been designed to be used on twin cylinder set-ups.
Utilizing dedicated right hand and left hand first stages, a diver can configure the Tek 3 regulators so that both external diaphragms face toward center and all hoses are able to route downward. This not only allows a more streamlined configuration, it is safer as it minimizes entanglement hazards in overhead environments.

For those that already own two Apeks regulators and would like to take advantage of the new Tek 3 first stages, AP0367-1, TEK 3 SET, FIRST STAGES, includes: a LH Tek 3 first stage and a RH Tek 3 first stage in one box.

  • Compatible with EAN40 when new, out of the box

The TEK3 utilizes all of the proven technology contained within the Apeks range of first stage regulators

This new model incorporates three medium pressure 3/8” UNF ports and one high pressure 7/16” UNF port. The ports are arranged so as to give a neat streamlined hose configuration as desired by the technical diver

Allows maximum unrestricted accessibility to the cylinder valves when using a twin cylinder set up

The TEK3 is available only in DIN versions. Both models use the all metal hand wheel. The metal hand wheel provides both an improved grip and new aesthetic look to the regulator

Outstanding cold water performance

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